Alexander Jacobs

Alexander Jacobs

Alex is a strategist, editor, and project manager. He’s interrogative by training, qualitative by nature, and perceptive by habit. He is inspired by his academic training when approaching research, messaging, and content creation. Most importantly, he’s preternaturally curious. He carries this attitude into every engagement at Jell. 

Prior to joining Jell, Alex contributed to projects at NORC at the University of Chicago (an independent, non-partisan research institution) and at State Matters, a civic education startup. Previously he taught courses on professional writing, American literature, Chicago history, and digital historiography at the University of Chicago.

Alex was born and raised in Philadelphia. While he’s a shining testament to a Quaker education, his Sunday devotions are spent, albeit reluctantly, on the Philadelphia Eagles. At other times, he enjoys history books, short poems, and exotic produce. He attended Stanford University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in English. He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Chicago.


  • numinous •  rose hips •  homo floresiensis

  • FOOD

  • oysters •  blackberries •  hazelnuts


  • The War on Drugs •  Cameo •  Built to Spill


  • “Meditations at Lagunitas” by Robert Hass •  “To Try Praise the Mutilated World” by Adam Zagajewski •  “After Apple Picking” by Robert Frost


  • Harper’s, The Nation, The London Review of Books 


  • Show Me a Hero •  Frontline •  Mr. Bean


  • Robert Motherwell •  Arshile Gorky •  Henry David Thoreau