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Posted June 14, 2016

A small but mighty web relaunch for commercial litigation firm Novack and Macey

When it comes to commercial litigation — especially the really tough cases, those where the brand reputation or financial fate of a business is on the line — there is one boutique law firm in Chicago that comes to everyone’s mind: Novack and Macey. (You may remember that Jell previously worked with the firm on its Illinois Rules Finder web app.)

Because it focuses solely on commercial litigation, the firm has been able to maintain a very lean team, typically hovering around thirty attorneys. That’s one reason Novack and Macey has proudly labeled itself “Small But Mighty” for the past ten years. Each of their lawyers share a generalist orientation and broad litigation experience, allowing the firm to tackle a wide variety of difficult matters nimbly. (The National Law Journal called them as “a law firm’s law firm” in recognition of their sterling reputation and high rate of referrals from other firms.)

During our discovery process, we had the pleasure of in-depth discussions with nearly half the team. We learned quickly that all the attorneys agreed that the new website had to be cleaner, more modern, and sophisticated, and that it had to clarify exactly what Novack and Macey does in a business-like, to-the-point way — no fluff, no noise.

There was one overarching theme we heard over and over again, in various phrasings: effective litigation doesn’t always require hiring subject matter experts or huge law firms. It does however require thoroughly experienced litigators telling a convincing story and being prepared to go the distance, unafraid to go toetotoe with anyone.

Our takeaway was that the new site needed to depict the team simply and forthrightly: a collegial team of preeminent attorneys — tough, yet accessible. That’s why a prominent space on the Novack and Macey home page is devoted to full-figure photography of team members — with a different random grouping appearing on every page refresh.

We hope you agree that the minimalist design of the site keeps the focus squarely on the team members and their commitment to obtaining the best possible outcomes for their clients. As the firm says of its “Small But Mighty” tagline, some of the world’s most potent forces are also the most concentrated.