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Posted April 3, 2009

The Week Behind relaunches

Journalist, filmmaker, and author Scott Jacobs has been running an online magazine since 1992. That’s right — 1992, roughly three or four years before most of the world discovered the Web. Back then, Jacobs was running IPA, the film and video post house which helped produce, among many other things, Hoop Dreams and Wild Chicago. Scott was always attracted to both storytelling and emerging technology, so IPA’s online journal, The Week Behind, was the natural result.

Jell redesigned the site in 2003 to take advantage of templates and modern CSS — but it was still a static HTML site and a labor of love for the editor. By late 2008, Scott had had his fill of hand-coding and asked us to redesign the site using the WordPress engine as a content management system. We did a complete overhaul, adding new departments, advertising administration, a photo gallery, and capacity for video embeds. The new site, updated with a more contemporary ezine design, launched April 15. The publication’s 17th anniversary will be celebrated in October at Quimby’s.