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Posted August 2, 2013

The new ECF website is here — for good!

Every foundation has a different investment profile. Some foundations invest more in the arts, others in social programs, and others in job skills or early education. Foundations also differ in geographic scope — from global (e.g., Clinton or Gates) to national (McCormick) to regional or metropolitan areas (Joyce or Fry).

There’s also a special class called a “community foundation.” Community foundations serve broadly to improve quality of life and the social good in a very specific geographic area.

The Evanston Community Foundation is a wonderful example. Founded in 1986, ECF has always cast itself as a steward, helping the City of Evanston thrive by connecting and distributing resources and knowledge. ECF leaders have long repeated two mantras to express their mission and vision: “We help lead Evanston where it wants to go,” and “We’re here for good.”

Jell has had the privilege of working closely with ECF leadership over the past year to develop a new and robust hub for ECF's philanthropic activity. Most importantly, the Giving area helps guide donors and financial planners through myriad investment options, performance data, and supporting documents. The site features a completely customized ecommerce engine to make donations and event registration a snap.

The Foundation leaders with whom we collaborated — Sara L. Schastok, PhD, Jan Fischer, Beth Lange, and Marybeth Schroeder — always maintained high aspirations and a commitment to honest branding, messaging, and great design. It was our pleasure to build upon the distinctive visual standards initiated by chrismer + mardock and the portrait photography of William Burlingham.

We launched the site this past week with great pride — both in our working relationship with ECF and the vibrant community of Evanston.