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Posted May 24, 2009

The Free Spirit Media bash

May 21 was the night that Chicago’s media elite — producers, directors, agency creatives, editors, and everyone else in the video, advertising, and broadcast business — came out to shift their focus from the daily grind to a higher ground. That was the night we celebrated Focus On Our Youth, a fundraiser for Free Spirit Media, the wonderful not-for-profit dedicated to teaching all aspects of media production to under-served urban youth.

As usual, the kids involved in the Free Spirit Media program were the stars — shooting the party in progress, interviewing attendees, and reminding all the partygoers exactly why their support was both crucial and worthwhile. Red Car Chicago costarred as the generous host, offering their wide-open studio space and a gorgeous deck with an amazing view of the Chicago River (not to mention the would-be Spire!). Jell’s contribution, as with the inaugural fundraiser in 2008, was design of the invitations, email alerts, and online ticketing page. For a little extra spice this year, we kicked in a big, bold yellow-and-black poster, plastered throughout the space, as a constant reminder of what the party was all about.