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Posted April 4, 2008

Finally: the Brown Line Metalworks secret is out

It can be hard to keep a secret, but we’ve done it for a year and a half now. We’ve been looking at some very cool prototypes of a fairly revolutionary hand tool invented and engineered by Chicago’s Brown Line Metalworks that will change the market for torque wrenches. Until now, weekend mechanics who didn’t have a grand or more to shell out on a professional digital torque wrench were stuck with just a few low-end non-digital options at the local hardware store. The new Brown Line model, which combines a microprocessor, LCD and LED controls, and their Double Gear Sensing System (patent pending), offers a level of precision that only professionals enjoy now. And the price is right — but that part is still a secret. If you want to see the tool and you like Vegas, here’s where to go.