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Posted May 16, 2009

Stump's Latest and Greatest

Yes, the elections are over (for now), but if you’re the type that couldn’t get quite enough of the blow-by-blows at Politico, Huffington Post, or DailyKos in 2008 — or even now, in 2009 — then you should pick up this new title from Chicago author Stump Connolly.

Connolly’s publisher, Dead Tree Press, hired Jell to consider some cover designs shortly before the new volume was to debut at Amazon. (In the world of political journal books, one must move very quickly from Election Day to Publication Day, or else things tend to go a bit stale.)

Stump takes readers for a wild ride through the back alleys and service roads of the presidential campaign trail. With a sidecar view of the major media units and a keen eye for the absurd, Stump provides a very good sense of what it’s like to be an independent, citizen-style reporter covering a huge, multimedia travelling circus. (We also recommend his 2004 journal, Talk’s Cheap, Let’s Race!) For a low-budget journalistic road warrior like Stump, it’s the accumulation of myriad press credentials, each symbolizing another hard-won media-room clearance, that keeps the blood moving and security guards opening doors at the next big deal. And thus we arrived at the final cover design for The Long Slog.