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Posted August 30, 2011

Strategex ramps up: business insights offered online and in-person

In the midst of this treacherous economic slump, in which most business owners count mere survival as a measure of success, the times may seem less than optimal for launching an aggressive marketing campaign for business management consulting. But as many survivors can attest, a prolonged downturn is a very good time to take a hard look at one’s business and question old strategies. So we weren’t the least surprised when long-time client Strategex, a Chicago consulting firm, decided to strike boldly and decisively at the beginning of 2011.

We’ve had the privilege of working with Strategex since 2006, when the firm engaged Jell to embark on a two-year rebranding process. The fit was perfect from the start. Our companies were founded in the same year — 1993 — and everyone on both sides of the table recognized almost immediately that our interests and styles were both simpatico and symbiotic.

The current campaign focuses on the two leading business units at Strategex: the Voice of the Customer unit and the Profit Enhancement and Growth Strategies group.

Strategex’s Tom Taber took the driver’s wheel on the Voice of the Customer initiative, first hiring Jell to craft an aggressive SEM (search engine marketing) campaign using Google AdWords as a lead up to the 2011 marketing push. With leads and overall visibility beginning to surge, we began developing an enewsletter and associated blog, christened Voice Lessons.

In parallel, we worked with founder Peter Philippi on promoting his quickly expanding 80/20 practice (also known as PEGS). Jell first helped Peter market two wildly successful CEO seminars in the first half of 2011. We then followed up with the launch of 80/20 Vision, a newsletter tackling many of the same topics offered in Strategex’s seminars and workshops.

Through a combination of well-timed and highly coordinated search engine marketing, event marketing, and content-driven thought leadership marketing, Strategex’s fan base among B2B chief executives has grown steadily across the country. Jell also credits Strategex’s Lucy Wong and David Philippi for their thoughtful collaboration.