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Posted May 19, 2008

Show Department, rebranded

25 years is a major milestone for any company. Our client decided to celebrate in style on May 22 with a red-carpet party at its U.S. headquarters in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor, with about 600 event management, production, and agency professionals in attendance. The celebration also offered the perfect venue for Show Department’s new logo and brand position: “Event Driven Communications.” The company has been staging events huge and small around the world for a very long time, but has grown substantially, with a cutting-edge affiliate offering production (Resolution Digital Studios) and one of the world’s leading supplier of projection screens (The Screen Works). The new position was clear: Show Department is all about events — great events.

Staging is still their specialty, but we needed to tell the world that Show Department could enter at early stages of the game to offer brainstorming, guidance, and support for every aspect of the event at hand — even broadcast and mobile video production. Their spectrum of services, all focused on the power of the special moment, is nicely captured with the tagline (“Event Driven Communications”), but we went one step further in the slogan: “Make Great Happen.”

The anniversary party was a hit, with plenty of longtime clients taking a fresh look at Show Department — as well as Resolution Digital Studios and The Screen Works. Handouts included branded sports bottles and a multidisc brochure highlighting recent projects for Walgreens, Starcom/Kellogs, Intersport, and Bravo/Top Chef.