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Posted May 15, 2012

Sharing stories of survival:
American Cancer Society, Illinois Division

Free help and support for every cancer patient in Illinois — sound too good to be true? The American Cancer Society, Illinois Division does just that, offering everything from free wigs to emotional support to all Illinois cancer patients. So back in February, when we learned of ACSID’s interest in a redesign, we jumped at the chance to collaborate on the project.

The Marketing and Patient Services team at ACSID were primarily interested in a fresh new design — one that was mobile-friendly and more in line with the national ACS brand. That made sense as a starting point. But early in the process, we recognized that we had a bigger opportunity in terms of promoting the brand and motivating visitors: focusing on real-life stories. ACSID offers hope and options to patients, so we worked with the client to develop an online experience that was uniformly life-affirming and extremely positive.

We urged the ACSID team to gather their best, most compelling stories from Illinois cancer survivors, caregivers, volunteers, and health professionals, so that we could spotlight the ways ACSID has made a difference in the lives of those touched by cancer in Illinois. These very personal and touching stories quickly became a main feature of the redesign. The Illinois Cancer Help website is both a resource for finding free cancer help — and a destination for sharing stories of hope. We’re happy to say the ACSID team will be adding more of these perspectives on a regular basis. [View the original site that we launched in 2012 here.]

Of course, the site isn’t only about stories. It’s about getting help to people when they need it. To make sure recently diagnosed patients can find assistance as easily and quickly as possible, every page on the site offers a service-specific contact form and the best phone number for patients to call based on the current availability of ACSID representatives.

Many thanks to the entire ACSID team for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout this process. It’s been a great collaboration and we’re excited for the site to grow as a community resource and story destination.