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Posted January 16, 2011

Selling Blueprint Realty Partners: 
A virtual tour of luxury living in Indiana

Some Chicagoans thrive on the hustle and bustle of big city life, while others may crave a slower pace. For those of you who fall in the middle, who want both the convenience of the city and the charm of small town or suburban living, our clients at Blueprint Realty Partners may be able to help.

The Blueprint team recently acquired dozens of lots within the Sand Creek Country Club community in Chesterton, Indiana. In order to entice their target buyers, they knew they needed to bring the development and Chesterton to Life. That’s exactly what we gave them.

Each page features gorgeous photos of homes, the country club, and the adjacent nature preserves, as well as handy links to download more information about pricing and incentives. We also built a custom listings page that is fully integrated with the client’s Propertybase inventory.

The Blueprint site makes it easy for prospective buyers to learn about Sand Creek, the Chesterton community, and all available properties. Take some time to click around the site, and prepare to fall in love with the thought of life in Sand Creek.