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Posted October 14, 2010

38-year-old Safer Foundation gets the website it deserves

According to a 2008 report, 82% of former Illinois prisoners eventually return to prison. One of the biggest challenges facing those released can be finding a job. Thankfully, there’s an organization that provides thousands of individuals with a second chance and a road back.

Since 1972, the Safer Foundation has been promoting successful reentry for people with criminal records through employment, education, and support services. Based in Chicago with facilities throughout Illinois and eastern Iowa, its success over the years has been impressive, to say the least — 58% reduction in recidivism, over 2,700 annual job starts, over 400 clients employed across the region annually, and more than 300 GEDs awarded every year.

An amazing organization with a highly focused mission, Safer is dedicated to aiding its clients — individuals reentering society after a conviction. When Safer approached Jell for a completely redesigned content management site, they stressed that their client-centric work had to be front and center. The new home page puts the focus squarely on client services, and offers examples of past success stories. The right column is for secondary audiences: employers, donors, media, and legislators. An “accordion” of quick links in the right column organizes headlines, statistics, policy papers, resources, and videos, providing all interested parties with a rich picture of the organization’s scope of programming and wide reach.

Safer also just launched a temporary staffing program, Pivotal Staffing. Jell Creative created a basic set of brand elements and developed a Web site to promote its services to area employers who need to ramp up their capacity quickly with short-term workers.

Safer’s track record and social impact are unparalleled. At Jell, we are proud that we were able to provide this organization with an improved online presence to better assist clients and guide supporters to critical information. If you’d like to support their mission, consider donating to Safer online, signing up as a Safer employer, or contacting Pivotal Staffing the next time you need temporary workers.

[View an archived version of the site.]