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Posted January 1, 2013

Bringing it home:
the launch of SafelyFiled

Launching a new brand into the world — orchestrating the look, the messaging, a new website, a search engine marketing (aka, PPC) campaign — is quadruple the fun for us. It’s everything we love to do, and it’s always best when we get to do it all at once!

This a follow-up to our November 2012 story about SafelyFiled branding. Back then, we had worked with SafelyFiled’s founders to rename their new web service and begin developing the visual and verbal elements of the brand. In case you missed the earlier story, SafelyFiled lets you preserve your key life documents online. It’s all about family, home, and peace of mind.

In this update, we can tell you that all systems are go: SafelyFiled recently completed beta testing of their super-secure document storage service; we completed the design and development of a welcoming front end to the service; and we launched a PPC campaign just in time to capitalize on people’s New Year’s resolutions to get organized. [View the original site that we launched in January 2013 here.]

A key element of our marketing was creating very distinct user testimonials as web videos. SafelyFiled has a slightly different appeal for each of our target audiences (maturing spouses, responsible adult children, and trusted professional advisors), so we decided early on it was critical to let typical users in these categories tell their stories firsthand. It was great working with veteran director Nancy Bardawil and producer Melissa Taylor to capture these first three narratives.

The SafelyFiled front end was designed from the get-go to be “responsive” — to automatically morph and look great on smartphones and tablets of any size. Responsive design is a must for any contemporary B2C site, especially one launching with a big SEM campaign. (What’s big? We think 900 keywords and 30 ad groups might qualify.)

This of course is just the beginning for SafelyFiled — there’s much left to do in the coming year. We look forward to seeing SafelyFiled become a household name in the weeks and months to come.