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Posted December 19, 2008

Rock solid at Zera

Three generations. 51 years and counting. And — as they like to say — “You can’t scare us.” That’s Zera Construction, Chicago’s leading concrete restoration firm. These are the guys who repair stadiums, parking structures, and plazas after time and weather have taken their toll. Zera routinely takes on disasters waiting to happen and makes them solid again (and, in some cases, solid for the first time!).

Jell had the pleasure of working with Zera principals Chris and Tim Zera, along with marketing lead Sean Parnell, to completely reconstitute the firm’s brand. With more and more projects outside the midwest, especially in relatively far-flung locations like Florida and Hawaii, the Zera brothers wanted a fresh look with top-shelf marketing materials to reinforce their leadership position among prominent structural engineering firms and property managers around the country. Come back soon to see the print collateral.