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Posted January 27, 2017

Website refresh for Zera Construction

With their 60th anniversary just around the corner, Zera Construction invited Jell to revisit the website and identity we created for them in 2008. Nearly eight years after that launch, we met again in 2016 to discuss what Zera had become since the third generation of Zeras (Chris and Tim) had taken the helm of the family business.

Established in 1957, Zera Construction has grown from a small residential concrete contractor to a nationally recognized leader in structural concrete restoration and repair — named one of the country’s Top 100 by Concrete Construction magazine and the third largest restoration firm in the nation.

Beside their phenomenal growth and success, however, what Tim and Chris really wanted Jell to communicate was their pride in the company’s culture.

Their individual reputations in the business have been well established and precede them throughout the commercial construction industry. Their greatest challenge was transmitting the total confidence they had in their front line workers, the team members leading the work at construction sites throughout the area. The brothers wanted their clients and partners to know that these men were long-time employees and experts in their trade — fully capable of making independent decisions on the ground in a timely way.

We took their concerns to heart and put Zera team members, in action, front and center on the new site. Jell shot photos at two construction sites in downtown Chicago, then headed to Zera headquarters for portraits of the management team. The new Zera Construction site combines these images with refreshed messaging, high-impact image galleries of recent projects, client testimonials, and improved search engine optimization.