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Posted January 17, 2010

Resolution Digital Studios Gets a Digital Rebirth

When it comes to video production capabilities, physical and technical capacity, and diversity of talent, no firm in the Chicago region matches the potential of Resolution. Really. If you’re in the market for something big, cutting edge, or borderline impossible, you should do yourself a favor and schedule a tour of this amazing facility located in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor, built from scratch by brothers Lee and Jeff Facklis back in 2004/2005.

We’ve been watching Resolution since its birth, when long-time client Scott Jacobs first started singing its praises. As several old friends from now-vanished IPA and Rivet Media took up residency at Resolution Digital Studios, we began working with the firm — and sister companies Show Department and The Screen Works — more closely. Resolution’s Director of Marketing, Diane Mercurio, had been lobbying for a new Web site for as long as we’d known her, and she got her wish recently. Jell worked closely with Executive Producer Mitch Apley and the creative staff at Resolution to fashion the site of their dreams, with a powerful content management system to publish their myriad video, 360° VR, slideshow, and presentation assets. All completely iPhone-compatible, of course.