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Posted September 10, 2015

A consultative, high-touch approach to repositioning a search & recruiting firm

We knew we were simpatico at our initial meeting: TalentRISE was a modestly-sized firm led by a team of experienced, hands-on consultants committed to serving clients with the highest standards. It’s always nice to begin a relationship based on shared values. In this case, all parties in the room also sensed a good cultural fit: both of our firms thrive by anticipating client needs, always keeping one eye on the long view, and allocating our most expert team members dynamically to solve pressing problems quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

The pressing problem in this case was their website, which had been designed several years earlier and was no longer representative of the firm’s rising profile and evolving position in the search-and-recruitment marketplace.

Over the course of our discovery, including several meetings with TalentRISE partners and a thorough competitive analysis of their field, it became clear how the firm differentiated itself. First and foremost, each of the firm’s senior partners was proud of their close client relationships. Once a commitment is made to solve a new talent acquisition challenge, the partner stays in the game from start to finish and maintains a very high level of communications with his or her client, including detailed weekly analytics reports. Partners and other senior team members don’t just disappear after the engagement is secured. Their clients, in turn, value TalentRISE’s transparency, accountability, and results. And that’s why their clients return again and again to seek additional guidance from TalentRISE—whether in executive search, on-demand recruiting, or talent acquisition consulting.

Their current website was chock-full of information—news articles, white papers, case studies, blog posts—but their passion for helping clients and personal commitment to a high-touch, consultative approach was not obvious.

Those qualities are front and center in the new (and now responsive) TalentRISE website. Jell worked closely with newly-arrived CEO Rick Gray and partners Carl Kutsmode, J. James O’Malley, and Brad Newpoff to clarify differentiators, reposition the firm, and hone messaging accordingly. We also thought it was critical for the firm’s leaders to appear on the home page and deliver these messages in the most personal way possible: video.

Over the course of several shoot days, we captured all-new portrait photography and shot video of partners and senior consultants explaining their areas of expertise and the value they bring to clients. We also had the opportunity to interview four representative clients, asking for their perspectives on what makes TalentRISE unique.

The new website features a brand-level “how we’re different” video on the home page, along with videos in specific service areas (executive searchon-demand recruiting, and talent acquisition consulting).

In the end, our process of discovery and the highly collaborative style of the TalentRISE team brought us all to exactly the right solution: moving the TalentRISE team to the foreground to make their case in their own words. Jell designed and built the platform. That’s branding at its best—100% homegrown and authentic.


We’re always sorry to see a client go, but in this case, we’re thrilled for TalentRISE, which has just been acquired by AleronIt’s gratifying to know that we at Jell contributed to TalentRISE’s growth and success over the past four years—by working with the firm’s partners to improve their brand presence, digital marketing, and positioning leading up to this purchase.