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Posted April 18, 2009

Rebranding Credentials

Heading into their 13th year, our new client Credentials Solutions had already embarked upon a name change when we met them. Credentials had pioneered the automation of student records management with their patented online degree and enrollment verification service back in 1997. That was a huge hit with both universities and employers. Their success in automating degree verification was soon followed by a host of other online “back room” services dedicated to streamlining tedious administrative and clerical tasks — everything from ordering student transcripts to parking permits to pet licenses. To slightly oversimplify, at many of their client institutions, you simply don’t have to stand in line anymore.

But with the expanding range of services, they were quickly outgrowing any narrow (or easy) market description. Our charge was to pick up on the new solutions-oriented name and give it full expression, with a fresh corporate umbrella, broad messaging platform, a full brand architecture, and a complete suite of support media, including logo packages, collateral, Web site, and a trade show system. Focused on the core message “Relax,” we worked with Exec VP Jack Weber to launch the new branding system online and at key sales events in time for the spring push.