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Posted December 6, 2008

Promoting new products from Atelier Jouvence

How do you maintain customer loyalty and continue to generate excitement for big-ticket items in these skittish times? First, keep those lines of communication open at all times. Second, never stop tooting your horn. Third, let your customers know how much you appreciate them. Those were the basic principles underlying our Fall 2008 promotion for Atelier Jouvence, the country’s leading purveyor of handcarved stone mantels and range hoods.

Jell worked with owners Sonia and Olivier Dumont to craft email blasts and an integrated marketing campaign to announce and capitalize on their new line of standard mantels for 2009. By combining many points of contact in a short period — enewsletters, a more compelling home page, stronger SEO, postcard mailings, and a stylish “Mantels 2009” sweepstakes microsite devoted to rewarding loyalty among customers in the trade — Atelier Jouvence not only stayed on the radar throughout the holiday season, but also generated considerable B2B buzz within their core business community of interior designers, architects, and home builders. Plans are already afoot for fanning the fire in 2009.