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Posted December 20, 2011

Projecting a fresh image for 
The Screen Works

Ever wonder who makes those gigantic custom projection screens you see at big trade shows and corporate events? The ones that appear upwards of 100 feet wide, or gently curved, or cut in odd shapes?

The leading manufacturer is one of Jell’s longtime clients, The Screen Works, which was founded in 1957 here in Chicago. They make a very popular line of standard portable screens — the kind sales and marketing people take on the road — but their forté is custom work and the big stuff.

Years ago, we worked with Diane Mercurio at The Screen Works to begin evolving the brand, first with all new positioning and messaging, then with a product line catalog, digitally delivered, that could be easily updated each year. In the past year, we even translated everything — the catalog, corporate signage, and CD label art — into Spanish to better serve the burgeoning Latin American market. (We even learned a few new Spanish terms in the process — now we know how to say “lightweight aluminum folding truss” en español.)

Most gratifying, after all these years, is that The Screen Works asked us to do a complete overhaul on their website, which hadn’t been touched in years. Their new site, developed in collaboration with Diane, has just been launched.