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Posted October 21, 2008

Panther East goes national

With great pride, we recently relaunched Panther East as a full-featured ecommerce site. Jell began working with Panther East, the largest supplier of equipment to commercial roofing contractors on the east coast, in 2006. Back then, the mission was to revitalize and modernize the site, but to preserve the online business model, which was strictly RFQ (Request for Quote) and mostly regional in scope. About one year ago, owner Richard Moore decided it was time to shake things up and begin selling nationally. The new site keeps the RFQ model intact — especially for heavy-duty equipment — but for a large range of products, adds the ability to order online. Customers can shop by Job Type, Category, Brand, or tags, and mix and match “Quote” and “Buy Now” items in their shopping carts. With twice as many brands and SKUs as one year ago, Panther East in now arguably the leading online shop in the contractor supplies category.