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Posted September 28, 2015

OMS Foundation: rebranding complete

If you saw our previous story on the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation’s 2014 Annual Report, you may recall that the Foundation had ambitious goals for increasing membership and revenue to support its mission. With a 56-year history of funding critical research and education, the organization yearned for a larger and more engaged community of supporters, even higher impact on the specialty, and a more certain financial future. But to reach these goals, the Foundation had to address significant challenges in brand recognition, visibility, and messaging.

The Foundation hired Jell to develop a strategy and an action plan to deal with these issues. As noted previously, a key part of our engagement was much-needed qualitative research: 23 one-on-one telephone interviews with Foundation leadership, donors, annual members, non-donors, and former grant, scholarship, and award recipients. Their perspectives helped us form a detailed action plan which we presented to the Board of Directors in Dallas in November 2014.

Our plan was well-received. In a nutshell, we proposed increasing the level of member engagement and enthusiasm by routinely recognizing members — especially younger members — who represent the Foundation’s values as well as those who could demonstrate the impact of the Foundation’s grants on their research or career path. We also proposed a brighter, more energetic visual language to symbolize the two pillars of the foundation: passion for the profession and investment in the future.

The ambitious implementation phase was completed in less than eight months and launched in time for the Foundation’s annual conference (the AAOMS 97th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC). The complete rebranding included a new logo; position and messaging; identity system and brand standards guide; annual report; commissioned photography of numerous surgeons at four locations; print collateral; direct mail and email campaigns; and a website redesign (which has been implemented by the Foundation’s database vendor.)

With their new and more engaging brand standards, the OMS Foundation is now ready to seize and leverage the growth opportunities ahead of them.