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Posted May 25, 2012

New brand launch: Magnate Capital Partners

The story here is short and sweet. In the case of most tightly-held private equity firms, the less said is often the best solution.

Magnate was founded by Dan Para and Ian Howe, both veterans of highly successful private and public companies. Jell collaborated closely with Dan and Ian to evoke exactly the right visual and verbal tone for Magnate (which, by the way, is derived from the Late Latin magnus, a great man).

Their branding strikes a nice balance between a quiet reserve and a well-earned self-assurance, by combining elegant, classic typography with small, restrained contemporary touches.

The Magnate website tells the brand story simply and quickly. Solid partnerships lead to shared successes — especially with the guidance of Magnate, which prizes pace-setting leadership and a future-facing vision. [View the original site that we launched in May 2012 here.]

We very much admire Magnate’s drive and focus, and look forward to a long relationship based on many shared business values.