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Posted February 27, 2010

New brand launch: Bridgefield Mortgage

We count this as one of the most exciting projects we’ve directed in recent memory: the complete rebranding of ResMAE Mortgage — historically, a loan originator, recently turned mortgage servicer — as Bridgefield Mortgage Corporation. (Update: Bridgefield changed hands in 2011, so this link opens a partial archive of the site.)

Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, Bridgefield represents a new breed of mortgage servicing companies that puts customer service very high in its list of core values and works hard to prevent foreclosures and keep homeowners in their homes. We were excited by the considerable thought and energy that management had invested in the new company’s corporate culture and commitment to customers.

Jell Creative worked closely with management at both ResMAE and Citadel Investment Group to distill brand objectives and forge a plan to rename and rebrand the revitalized company. Over the short course of four months, Jell brainstormed through naming, domain, and messaging research to arrive at the name “Bridgefield” — a perfect evocation of both optimism and stability — and then proceeded to orchestrate all elements of corporate identity, collateral, signage, marketing accessories, Web site, and brand launch. We’re exceedingly proud of this client, its brand transformation, and their customer-centric efforts to serve mortgage holders with dignity and respect.