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Posted August 2, 2016

Ocient: branding the next ultra-hot Chicago startup

Spoiler alert: at the moment, we can’t disclose much of anything about the startup known as “Ocient” — other than it is among the most exciting new technology companies we’ve ever seen.

Here’s what we can share. The company was founded by Chris Gladwin, who sold his last startup, CleverSafe, to IBM for an undisclosed sum. That deal reportedly set a record as the largest software exit in Chicago’s history.

His new company hasn’t disclosed its product plans to the public yet. But Jell has been privileged to work closely with the company’s marketing and technology teams over the past few months to develop the company’s name and transform their goals and values into a brand that communicates intent, evokes emotion, and builds trust.

“Jell Creative has been terrific to work with,” said Chris Gladwin, CEO of Ocient. “Joe and his team understand technology, and have done a superb job translating our vision into the beginnings of a strong brand.”

We have found it quite exciting to collaborate with Ocient’s founders at this early stage and learn what their software will soon make possible. If you enjoy staying in the know about game-changing technology, set up a Google Alert for future announcements. And if you’re a wicked smart C++ programmer, visit Ocient’s site to submit your resume!