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Posted September 16, 2011

Meet an exciting new innovator in biopharmaceutical research

As with many cutting-edge biopharmas, the most exciting news at NeuroTherapeutics Pharma is the stuff one can’t talk about — yet. Suffice it to say that NTP has filled their development pipeline with new and proprietary compounds for disorders of the nervous system, including pain and epilepsy. If you’re interested and reasonably well-versed in neurophysiology, head over to their new website to read a brief teaser on their MOA (mechanism of action).

If inhibitory neuronal pathways and GABA receptors aren’t your thing, here’s the gist: some day, thanks to NTP’s work, there may be quick and substantial relief for pain and epilepsy — without the brain-deadening sedative side effects commonly associated with today’s drugs for these issues.

Wouldn’t that be nice?