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Posted October 12, 2008

LPC celebrates out in the open

After years of hosting very cool holiday-themed fundraising events in the conservatory’s work area — known as the “Hothouse” — the Lincoln Park Conservancy trotted out a new tradition this year: the Glasshouse Gala. The old Hothouse Holiday was certainly fun and creative (remember the amazing WreathArt auctions?), but the new annual event aimed for a different, and decidedly tonier, feel. Jell worked closely with executive director Steve Zelner and development/marketing director Catharine Bell to set the bar very high indeed. Save the Date postcards, 6-panel invitations, and commemorative postcard bundles featured tightly cropped images of the Lincoln Park Conservatory’s most colorful flora by enthusiastic local photographers. Hundreds of supporters turned out on October 17 to party in the great glass rooms designed by Joseph Lyman Silsbee and to bid on items ranging from naming rights for a new orchid to a week in a rustic villa in the south of France. We highly recommend supporting the Conservancy and getting on the invite list for 2009.