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Posted October 1, 2011

Leveraging your Online Community 
via an iPhone App

We’ve worked with our good friends at Leverage Software on a number of projects over the years, most often helping them to promote their primary product, Leverage Community — a flexible and robust enterprise social network that can be deployed inside any organization seeking more effective internal collaboration.

When they told us that iPhone users would soon be able to create communities instantly via a free native app, we were eager to help Leverage put the finishing touches on the app’s design.

The app is now complete and ready for installation at the App Store. It allows you to find nearby coworkers, push alerts to your community, and run internal polls on questions of the day, with a cool display of real-time results presented in a pie chart. We encourage all our clients to give it a try, then let us know what you think.


In the “we knew them when” category, we’re pleased to announce that Telligent Systems has acquired Leverage Software to take advantage of their mobile expertise, people-centric design, and cloud-based platform. Congratulations to everyone at Leverage as they join Telligent!