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Posted April 3, 2016

Launching a new family of websites for Miniat

Back in October 2015, we told you about our internal brand activation project with the Miniat Family of Companies. We helped Miniat leadership announce their newly-formulated mission (branded “Driven to Serve™”) to employees through a series of highly-orchestrated rollout events, generating genuine excitement among both managers and workers on the plant floor.

Our next step was to begin activating those brand values externally — ensuring that current customers, prospects, and community stakeholders became familiar with the “Driven to Serve” mission and appreciated just how sincere Miniat was about the statement’s guiding principles. From the get-go, Miniat leadership made it clear to us that this wasn’t corporate window dressing. Every guiding principle in the mission statement was an articulation of how the company had always worked — and a promise they would keep working that way.

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of a whole fleet of websites, all driven by that urge to serve: Ed Miniat, South Chicago Packing, the Miniat Family of Companies, and The Miniat Experience (a microsite to attract interns).

The foundation for these sites, of course, was built over the course of several months of us getting to know Miniat inside and out. Jell team members toured the plants, engaged with hundreds of workers at “Driven to Serve” (aka D2S) rollout events, and met with management teams to discuss their competitive landscape, positioning, messaging, and desired site functionality.

As we have noted previously, the friendly, family-style culture at both Ed Miniat and South Chicago Packing is refreshing and truly remarkable. Bringing that human energy and level of commitment to the surface was a priority on all the sites.

We worked with marketing manager Liz Sartain throughout the process, discussing how best to balance — and intertwine — the essential sales and marketing pitches of these well-known B2B companies with photography and video depicting Miniat’s management, workers, and philanthropic efforts in the community.

The goal was to project authentic images of these companies at work and to make a stronger connection to their national customers headquartered elsewhere. The Miniat companies are as Chicago as Chicago gets — founded over 100 years ago on the South Side, rooted in the stockyards, creating much-needed local jobs in urban communities, and still working as hard as ever to keep customers satisfied and pleasantly surprised. We hope the websites make that obvious.