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Posted October 29, 2010

We launch v2 of JellStories

As mentioned in an earlier report on our open house during Ravenswood ArtWalk 2010, Jell hosted an interactive photo project called JellStories.

Over the ArtWalk weekend, nearly 500 visitors passed through our studio to see paintings by Nico Camargo and photography by Timmy Samuel. Jell team members lured ArtWalk visitors into our photo studio and asked them to participate in an interactive online happening: each visitor was asked to choose up to three printed words, hop onto a barstool, and bring those words to life in front of the camera. We immediately uploaded their best shots to JellStories.com, a site we built in approximately two days, just before the ArtWalk.

We originally thought that 200 printed words would be plenty for the weekend, but those ran out by midday Sunday, as more and more people heard about the project and flocked to our studio. We printed another 200 words that afternoon. In the 12 hours of our open house, we snapped approximately 800 photos of roughly 250 visitors and uploaded nearly 500.

The photo shoot is over, but you can still participate in the project. JellStories lets you rearrange our photos to assemble short stories, poems, novels, manifestos, haiku, love letters, and unenforceable legal contracts. Just drag photos into the workspace, then rearrange them using drag–and–drop to make sense — or nonsense — of the words. (Yes, sort of like those poetry refrigerator magnets — but with people!) When you’re done, click Save & Share to email, tweet, or Facebook your creation to friends and family. Once they receive your link, they can revel in your literary prowess by scanning a thumbnail version of your creation or watching a mindblowing full–window slideshow. Check out all the stories visitors have already created.

What’s new in version 2? Both photos and saved stories load much more quickly. You’ll also find it easier to build stories, since we’ve added buttons to sort the words alphabetically (forward or backward) or to shuffle them (great for creating beat poetry). Hover over a photo to get extra buttons: duplicate, zoom, and delete. And, of course, we made the site touch-friendly for the iPad.