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Posted August 6, 2013

Jell’s Latin American connection

Over the past four years, we’ve periodically had opportunity to work with The Southbridge Group, headquartered in Chile. Our initial engagement back in 2009 was branding Puente Sur Outsourcing, a bilingual back-office management firm for foreign investors in Chile. Since that time, the Group has grown significantly, and is now a leader in assisting multinational companies initiate or navigate business operations in Latin America.

In 2012, we had occasion to work with founder Nick Walker once again on two projects. In recognition of the greatly expanded Southbridge brand family, we refreshed the logo of the parent, now comprised of six operating companies. Jell also created a bold new online presence for Southbridge Consulting.

Perhaps our most interesting Southbridge assignment came to us in May, when Eric Ostermeier, the founder of Southbridge Access, approached Jell about overhauling his company’s site.

What does Southbridge Access do? They arrange and implement experiential tours for U.S. MBA students. So, for example, if a program director at an American business school decides that her or his students would benefit from exposure to businesses and culture in Latin America, they could contact Southbridge Access to create a customized itinerary in, say, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Lima, or São Paulo.

Our mission was to communicate quickly and succinctly why Southbridge Access was truly different from other MBA tour companies, which are often just a notch above generic travel agencies — not nearly as hands-on or connected to businesses and investors in the region. Eric felt that a fast-paced whiteboard video (roughly in the tradition of the famous UPS ad campaign) needed to be the centerpiece of the site, and he asked Jell to handle both the brand messaging and video’s creative direction.

We’re pleased to announce that the all-new Southbridge Access site and video launched this week. So here’s our shameless plug. If you know someone pursuing an MBA, pass along this message: you can’t go wrong planning an educational tour to Latin America — as long as your school chooses Southbridge Access.