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Posted July 25, 2011

The shoemaker’s kids have new shoes

Long story short: Jell Creative launched its new website today. We sincerely wish we could turn out a new version every year or so, but we’re really in the business of marketing our clients more than ourselves. Consequently, a few years have elapsed since our last major revision.

What’s new? The site is simpler for one thing. Our previous, overly-encyclopedic portfolio has been replaced by a select sample of branding and marketing projects of which we’re especially proud. These allow you to browse slideshow overviews of campaigns we’ve managed for some of our top clients. If you’d prefer to just sit back and sample a visual smorgasbord, take the big fullscreen tour.

Finally, our News department (that’s where you are now) has been brought into the 21st century, and we’ve integrated our Twitter feed (see cute bird icon, top right).

With any luck, we’ll revisit this story in a year or two, with an announcement of version 5.