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Posted December 21, 2018

25 years of discovering our clients’ brands

As we conclude our first quarter-century, we’d like to celebrate the core principles that have kept Jell in business all these years—principles that inspire our team every day and keep our clients happy.

  • Strive always for excellence. Eschew mediocrity.
  • Never stop learning. Never stop growing.
  • Be honest, transparent, humble, and kind.
  • Assume nothing of anyone or of any situation you encounter.
  • Ask questions—lots of questions. Listen very closely to the answers.
  • Remember that every client is unique, as is the combination of challenges each client faces.
  • Check everything you do at least twice, then ask someone else to check it again.
  • Be wary of trends, popular choices, canned solutions, and silver bullets.
  • Seek long-term relationships and high hurdles rather than quick, easy wins.
  • Develop a coherent strategy before considering tactics.
  • Plan your work, then work your plan. Adhering to a clear process is the path to success.
  • Partner only with people who value these same principles.

Speaking of those who share such values, we’d like to thank the following clients who made our 25th year both interesting and rewarding (in alphabetical order, of course):

  • After School Matters
  • BPI (Business and Professional People for the Public Interest)
  • CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians)
  • Chicago Collections
  • Clarus Hall
  • Eastern Shipping Worldwide
  • Evanston Community Foundation
  • Grant Park Music Festival
  • Harris Theater
  • JARC (Jane Addams Resource Corporation)
  • Novack and Macey
  • The Obsidian Collection
  • Satori Energy
  • Southbridge Access
  • Studs Terkel Radio Archive
  • TalentRISE
  • Umoja Student Development Corporation

If you’re not already on our client list, let’s talk. Maybe it’s time we work together to discover your brand.