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Posted December 15, 2017

Interactive kiosks for a WWI centennial exhibit

Pritzker Military Museum & Library has always been eager to seek and embrace innovation in their branding and marketing. Over the past five years, we’ve worked with PMML on a wide variety of projects, including a very ambitious website (launched in 2013), online exhibits (launched in 2014), and syndication of their online Veterans Information Center (launched in 2016). 

Most recently, they asked us to design a new capability: an iPad app, installed on kiosks around the museum, to engage visitors touring their exhibits. The innovation? We leveraged the online exhibit software we had previously developed for their website. The new software combines a touchscreen user interface optimized for iPad kiosks with a new API created to handle communications between the website and the iPad app. That may sound a bit complicated, but the user experience — both for exhibit visitors and PMML administrators — is as smooth as can be.

So what spurred this new project? The centennial of World War I. 

In June 1917, American Expeditionary Forces (known as the "doughboys") arrived in Europe and participated in major battles that became turning points in the long stalemated war. Over 4.7 million Americans served until the War ended in November 1918. 

As president and CEO Ken Clarke pointed out to us, there had never been a meaningful national remembrance of America’s involvement in that conflict. The Pritzker Military Museum & Library set out to change that in 2014 with a $5 million donation to the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission, making PMML the Commission’s Founding Sponsor. 

Yesterday, PMML launched the Lest We Forget exhibit along with a gorgeous coffee table book of war posters. Visit the museum to learn more — and try out the iPad kiosks scattered throughout the exhibit.