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Posted December 1, 2012

Instant community, courtesy of Telligent

As we mentioned last year in a story on native iPhone app design, we’ve been collaborating with the very clever developers at Leverage Software for several years. And in a December 2011 update to that October 2011 story, we noted that Leverage was acquired by Telligent Systems, an enterprise software provider headquartered in Texas.

The Leverage acquisition has helped Telligent broaden their offerings. Previous and existing Telligent solutions required onsite installations behind corporate firewalls. By contrast, the Leverage community platform was built using the newer “Software as a Service” (or SaaS) model — no installs necessary, existing entirely on cloud servers, and configurable by anyone, anywhere.

Jell was invited to collaborate with Telligent team to help design their first generation of "instant online communities” for organizations — templates preconfigured for distinct use cases, such as customer service, marketing groups, ideation, employee groups, mission-driven organizations, and corporate partnerships. These instant communities just launched, so head on over to Telligent to test-drive a 30-day free trial, including the free iPhone app.