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Posted October 3, 2016

Harris Theater’s website reimagined — and responsive

Today’s relaunch of the Harris Theater website was a welcome event — a much-needed makeover we’ve all been eagerly anticipating.

We launched our original site for Harris five years ago. That version was state-of-the-art in 2011, with a custom CMS, tight Tessitura integration, interactive event listings and calendar views, and video and audio embeds to help promote upcoming performances.

Because the site worked perfectly on an iPhone, it was considered “mobile-friendly” at the time. But nowadays almost everyone means “responsive” when they say “mobile-friendly.” That’s a much higher bar in terms of flexibility, form, and function. No one wants to pinch and zoom to buy a ticket!

The new Harris Theater site is simpler, easier on the eyes, and makes it a joy to shop for tickets on your phone: big, high-impact pictures and buttons, with less text getting in the way of the checkout process.

We thank Patricia Barretto, Mary Larkin, Elizabeth Halajian, Samantha Allinson, Oliver Camacho, and everyone else in Harris marketing and development for their energy and dedication to this project.