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Posted May 23, 2017

Generating leads and nurturing prospects for TalentRISE

Our client TalentRISE prides itself on being a different kind of recruiting firm, one that uses a consultative approach to solving a wide variety of talent acquisition demands. Over the past few years, TalentRISE has challenged us to help them tell their story more effectively. We began in 2015 with a fresh approach to their messaging, delivered via video and a new website. Most recently, CEO Rick Gray asked us to help him raise awareness of the TalentRISE brand—and generate more qualified leads—through a combination of online marketing tactics.

Coincidentally, TalentRISE was on the brink of launching a rebranded service offering called “Flex RPO”—a customized recruitment process outsourcing model tailored to meet the needs of their clients. Our online marketing efforts dovetailed perfectly, helping TalentRISE to get this brand off the ground.

We charted a series of activities to roll out over five months, starting with an in-depth SEO audit to assess current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. That report, in turn, allowed us to design a targeted search engine marketing campaign (using Google AdWords) promoting each of TalentRISE’s service offerings.

With the pay-per-click campaign underway, we pivoted to content marketing and social media marketing. Our goals: raise awareness of TalentRISE’s thought leadership in talent acquisition while encouraging prospective clients to complete a contact form and begin a conversation.

Working with TalentRISE, we developed a series of timely and informative eBooks on recruiting tipsretained executive search, and RPO. The playful illustrative approach featured in these quick-read PDFs added a light touch to serious topics and extended the firm’s visual standards into new territory.

The eBooks (as well as associated videos) were marketed initially on LinkedIn and Facebook, targeted at senior executives in major markets. They were later added to existing AdWords landing pages, as well as to TalentRISE’s “News & Insights” department, guaranteeing maximum exposure. (As of this writing, all three eBooks are enjoying high visibility on Google.)

After a visitor downloads an eBook, several emails are sent over the next few weeks—offering thanks, opportunities for feedback, suggestions for related reading, and a meeting with the consultant who helped author that eBook. Prospective clients were also asked to re-engage with TalentRISE by participating in a live poll with the question, “What is your greatest recruitment challenge?”

The combination of valuable new content and focused marketing activities in all available channels helped drive traffic to the TalentRISE website, increase video consumption, and spark meaningful engagement with qualified members of their target audiences.

We enjoyed the challenge offered by TalentRISE and look forward to the next.


We’re always sorry to see a client go, but in this case, we’re thrilled for TalentRISE, which has just been acquired by AleronIt’s gratifying to know that we at Jell contributed to TalentRISE’s growth and success over the past four years—by working with the firm’s partners to improve their brand presence, digital marketing, and positioning leading up to this purchase.