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Posted March 27, 2012

Free Spirit launches Focus2012 
at Room 1520

After Free Spirit Media’s 10th Anniversary Gala last year — an amazing retrospective, where they pulled out all the stops at Café Brauer — we asked ourselves, “What could FSM do after this?” We weren’t the only ones energized by this question — and the answer.

Anyone who’s been involved with FSM, including Jell, can tell you, “this is just the beginning.” FSM isn’t resting on its laurels.

This year’s event, Focus2012, is a celebration of the future and FSM’s rapid evolution. After over 10 years providing Chicago’s underserved youth with mentorship, opportunity, and education in digital media production, FSM is looking resolutely forward with renewed vigor.

When we learned that this year’s fundraising party would take place at Room 1520 — a perfect venue for a high-energy nightclub-like event — we knew that we were on the same page as the FSM team. Working with Jeff McCarter and Alex Miller, we developed the tagline, “Feel the Energy. See the Future." That simple mandate drove the design of all the Focus2012 materials, including the die-cut print invitations (showcasing over 100 photos of FSM youth at work!), email invite, and web registration page.

The May 17th event will run longer than any past FSM events (6:00–10:00 p.m.) and will feature a lively raffle, open bar, and music by DJ Juicy Jelie. Come early, stay late, dance if you want to, and support one of Chicago’s most worthy not-for-profits serving youth development on the west and south sides.

We’ll see you there.