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Posted May 10, 2010

Free Spirit Media Fundraiser, Focus 2010, a Big Hit at Hootenanny

When former client Kati Rooney (last seen at Rivet Media) called just over three years ago seeking help for an upcoming fundraiser, we could not have foreseen our long-term involvement with Free Spirit Media. But we’re guessing Kati could. Jell soon met FSM leaders Jeff McCarter and Katie Ackert and fell under the sway of their boundless energy and dedicated vision. (In case you’re unfamiliar, FSM offers training and challenging work opportunities in broadcast and creative video production to over 400 underserved youth throughout Chicago’s west and south sides.)

This year’s fundraiser, Focus 2010, was held at the very cool twisty-turny studio of Hootenanny, a local creative editorial and HD finishing shop. The event built on — and in some ways, surpassed — previous fundraisers hosted at RedCar and Resolution Digital Studios. The Free Spirit kids simulcasted the party to attendees on screens throughout the space and worked with Hootenanny staff to build an FSM promo spot, right on the spot. Raffle sales heated up throughout the evening, with everyone eager to take home the grand prize, an Apple iPad. A great party for a truly unique organization.

FSM supporters: watch for a complete brand refresh (already under way if you know what to look for), including an all new Web site!