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Posted January 4, 2011

Establishing credentials for an 
emerging investment powerhouse, 
Victory Park Capital

At Jell, we like to think of ourselves as creatives. When it comes to design or branding, we research and approach the problem, investigate the myriad ways to solve it, and then execute our plan. In fiscal matters, our clients at Victory Park Capital do the exact same.

Founded in 2007, the VPC team has been providing creative and flexible financing solutions for a wide range of U.S. companies. The company has only been in business for a few years, but they are growing fast. When they first approached us last fall, they knew the Web site needed to convey both their solidity and their surehanded approach to guiding portfolio companies.

Since our initial meeting with the VPC managing team, we have been working with them to enhance their messaging and clarify their investment approach for three target audiences — portfolio companies, fund management professionals, and investors. Once we helped solidify their repositioning, we dove into designing, commissioning original hedcut illustrations, and coding their new site. In early January, we launched the new VictoryParkCapital.com. [View the original site that we launched in 2011 here.]

VPC is a great match for small and mid-cap companies looking for expertise, creative financing, and a path to value growth. Keep an eye on their ever-expanding portfolio.