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Posted October 7, 2013

Differentiating DHR International, the global executive search experts 

If you’re at all familiar with the C-suite job market for large international corporations, you know that filling leadership positions is no simple matter. Competition for global-level executive talent is fierce, and the entire process — from research to courtship to selection — must be conducted with the greatest discretion. Layer on the complexities of finding top talent in the right regions with the right industry-specific resumes (e.g., “I need a multilingual CFO based in the Middle East with 10 or more years in biotech and pharma!”), and it’s obvious that few firms would consider going through the process alone. You need great research and an expert network of connections.

That’s why DHR International — one of the world’s largest executive search firms — exists. DHR has carefully grown its global roster of search consultants, focusing on the quality, expertise, and responsiveness of its representatives rather than their sheer number.

As we learned very quickly and repeatedly in our team interviews, DHR consultants take their brand promise seriously. Each consultant we spoke to recounted tales of bending over backwards to find the very best candidates for their clients. We heard it again and again, in different ways: every DHR consultant was committed to offering truly personalized service, and they all were proud of their creativity and agility in solving seemingly intractable challenges.

We were impressed: they loved their work and agreed broadly about these key corporate values. These conversations were crystallized in a position and messaging brief, which was a key step in designing a coherent branding system to unify DHR’s presence online, in print, and in the boardroom.

DHR’s new website combines large, high-impact, value-driven messages with prominent spotlights on their star consultants — the front line representatives of the brand. An all-new Thought Leadership department catalogs all the firm’s case studies and white papers, cross-referenced by the consultants who authored them.

Jell continues to work with DHR’s Lauren Finch and Ron Winograd, our primary points of contact from the beginning of the relationship, to improve both the site and other key marketing tools. It has been exciting to see the positive effects of DHR’s new look and messaging ripple around the globe.