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Posted November 8, 2012

Developing branding for SafelyFiled,
an exciting new Chicago SaaS startup

It’s not unusual for a client to visit Jell with a particular idea in mind — a “look” or a marketing approach — but walk out with brand new ideas and possibilities. This is one of those stories.

We met Mark Snow, John Dore, and Dean Conlin thanks to a client referral (thanks Jack!). It’s nice to know our reputation for smart work and strong relationships keep us top-of-mind and worthy of word-of-mouth. That’s a constantly rising bar that we work hard to surpass. What exactly is SafelyFiled? Simply put, it’s the one place you should store all your most important life documents. It’s fast, safe, and secure, and the foldering, tagging, and sharing feaures were all built with that one purpose in mind. SafelyFiled’s founders — professional advisors with years of experience in insurance and law— had plenty of direct experience working with clients to manage important paperwork.

After spending a good chunk of 2012 developing the technology and feature set — all with a preliminary working name — the management team contacted Jell for help with the go-to-market launch strategy.

Our collaboration began from the ground up, starting with the name of the service. As we identified key audiences and emotional touchpoints, an entirely new vision for the brand emerged, and we began researching hundreds of names (and domains) that could reinforce this connection. The service was all about peace of mind, family connections, and caring about the future — not your typical brand values for online file storage.

With the new SafelyFiled name chosen, we forged ahead on the remaining brand standards— messaging, imagery, color palette, logo, and typography. Our next steps: shooting heartfelt video testimonials, designing a responsive website, search engine optimization, and a search marketing campaign.

We’re proud to join the SafelyFiled team and help them turn a great idea (and technology) into a vibrant business.