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Posted May 2, 2008

Celebrating connections with Free Spirit Media

It’s always nice to become acquainted with a not-for-profit that achieves amazing results against tough odds. A great example would be Free Spirit Media, the organization that mentors West Side kids and offers them invaluable training and real world experience in video production. FSM was founded in 2000, based on Jeff McCarter’s HoopsHIGH project, and is sponsored by numerous foundations, agencies, production houses, and media outlets, with many of the supporters offering volunteer time and workplace access. For their first major fundraiser, FSM decided to put the emphasis on all the wonderful connections created by this professional network of good will. Board of Directors president Kati Rooney and Resource Director Katie Ackert asked Jell to help sponsor Celebrating Connections by designing the invitation. One thing led to another, and we threw in an online ticketing and donations system, along with an email marketing template. Attendees at the event, hosted by Resolution Digital Studios, were treated to great food and drink, but the biggest treat of the evening was watching the FSM crew in action. They coordinated live switched coverage of the entire party, complete with teenaged newscasters, camera crew, and engineers. Free spirits perhaps, but absolutely professional.