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Posted December 1, 2017

Jell helps Zera Construction celebrate a major anniversary

What do you get a client on the occasion of their 60th anniversary? Diamonds, as traditionalists would suggest? We knew that wouldn’t work for Zera. The answer was concrete.

First, a little background. Established in 1957, Zera Construction has grown from a small residential concrete contractor to a nationally recognized leader in structural concrete restoration and repair — named one of the country’s Top 100, in fact. This is a family business, led by the third generation of Zeras (Chris and Tim) who are growing the business for leadership by the next generation.

As the company’s 60th anniversary neared, Tim and Chris asked Jell to participate in three ways: first by refreshing their website (launched earlier this year); secondly by updating their identity system; and thirdly by helping with preparations for the anniversary party, which was took place last night.

The packed room included clients, industry partners, and Zera team members (many of whom are second- or third-generation workers). In addition to great food and drink, guests shared memories of working together for decades.

Everyone walked out with a gift of commemorative artisan coasters made of concrete, each with a bold red stripe signifying the Zera brand.

In the months leading up to the party, Jell designed and sent save-the-date emails and postcards, followed by invitations both printed and digitally delivered.