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Posted January 25, 2011

CCM entices new audiences with microsite and free tickets

No one has ever painted Ludwig van Beethoven as a great romantic. By all accounts, he was was a stubborn man who spurned companionship and often alienated female admirers. Still, we are transfixed by the warmth, romance, and energy of his music.

In the spirit of that music, Jell encourages all lovers of warmth and romance to spend Valentine’s Day with The Chicago Chamber Musicians for their All Beethoven show at The Harris Theater. And best of all: you might be able to go for free.

Now in their 25th year, CCM is considered one of the top ensembles in the world; unfortunately, their status is something of a well-kept secret in their home town, at least outside the circles of classical enthusiasts. CCM asked Jell to help them get the word out on this major event — to get as many people as possible to consider a night of chamber music as their choice for a Valentine’s night out. Our challenge was two-fold: to give non-aficionados an enticing preview of the man and his music, and also to spice things up a bit with a compelling promotion.

And so was born BeethovenValentine.com. We worked with CCM to develop a microsite that provided a fresh introduction to Beethoven’s chamber music, with a nice little hook: visitors to the site can sign up for a chance to win a pair of free tickets to the Harris and a $50 gift card for dinner across the street at Tavern at the Park.

We researched the composer, compiled image and video assets, and developed copy. Though we’ve been calling it a microsite, it’s packed. The site features historical information and fun facts about the composer, videos, slideshows, a popup audio player that previews the concert, and a ticket purchasing page.

So take a minute to learn more about Beethoven, meet the members of the All Beethoven ensemble, and enter the CCM giveaway contest. Auf Wiedersehen and good luck!