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Posted June 14, 2010

The Brown Line torque wrench: just released and selling fast!

Wow. It’s been four years in the making, but it has finally arrived and is available for purchase — the long-awaited Brown Line Metalworks Digital Torque Wrench. But a wrench is a wrench, right? Not in this case. Digital torque wrenches (commonly used by mechanics who need the precision) are usually quite expensive, out of reach for many consumers. The BLD0212 model from Brown Line incorporates new technology to deliver professional grade performance at big box prices. It even looks cooler than all the others.

Jell has been working with Brown Line Metalworks for 3.5 of those four years, designing the company’s brand program, collateral, packaging, and Web site. We’re very proud to be associated with Brown Line and are convinced this, their first product, will be a hit.