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Posted February 24, 2008

Bridge Strategy Group makes global headlines

Over the past five months, Jell has been working on a new look for Bridge Strategy Group LLC. As we tweaked the existing identity, developed a new capabilities brochure, designed a Web site makeover, and engineered an advanced content management system, our client was up to even larger things.

At the end of January, just weeks before the new site was launched, Satyam announced its purchase of Bridge. As Ramalinga Raju, founder and chairman of Satyam, said: “Bridge Strategy Group is a highly respected organization that is well known for its exceptional professionals and its acumen in seven key industries. By absorbing the company, we gain an immediate influx of 36 brilliant and experienced strategy consultants, most of whom are alumni of the world’s best strategy consulting firms and business schools. We also significantly bolster our ability to provide the entire spectrum of services to global customers.”