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Posted October 17, 2018

Illuminating Satori Energy’s brand potential

It’s never a bad thing to have options. Freedom of choice puts the power in customers’ hands, and in deregulated energy markets that’s especially true. Choice in suppliers means more flexibility, with competitive, customizable contracts to suit consumers’ unique energy needs.

But deregulated markets are also volatile, and prices change on an hourly basis. Much like playing the stock or bond markets, to get a good deal you really need to be paying attention. Without the right expertise, too much choice can become overwhelming.

That’s where Satori Energy comes in. As a consultative broker, Satori focuses on finding the best solutions and prices, so their clients can stay focused on building their businesses. They recruited Jell to clarify why Satori was ranked #1 in Overall Supplier Satisfaction and awarded Broker of the Year.

David Wiers was already a pioneering voice on the topic of energy deregulation when he founded Satori Energy in 2003. He knew his company could help save business owners significant money and hassle. 

Since then, Satori Energy has embarked on a series of acquisitions. In the process, it’s become a recognized industry leader, with over 50,000 accounts served and more than $140 million in energy savings for its clients to date.

Even with such rapid growth, Satori's company culture hasn’t changed. It’s relaxed, congenial, and fun. Team members genuinely like going into work. But that upbeat vibe was missing from Satori’s branding. We decided to put it front and center, not only to provide a more authentic view of the company, but also to make shopping for electricity a more pleasant experience.

Our new position and messaging strategy radiated Satori’s warmth and positive outlook. Building on the tagline “Become enlightened,” we designed a full suite of sales collateral offering insights into terminology, the markets, and buying factors. Most importantly, we developed high-energy one-pagers spotlighting each salesperson — as a person! — featuring big photos and quotes in addition to brief bios.

The Satori website features a brighter color palette, concise, to-the-point copy, and frequent illustrations of Satori's personable corporate culture and vibe. The user experience has been greatly enhanced with simpler navigation and an interactive map of deregulated energy markets where Satori is active. 

The completely updated system of visuals, messaging, and sales support tools re-energized the entire Satori team. They always knew Satori was the right choice. Now everyone else does too.