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Posted May 18, 2018

Branding and marketing new offerings in health-care intelligence

After three months of intense collaboration with The American College of Chest Physicians (widely known nowadays as “CHEST”), we are proud to announce our role in helping them launch CHEST Analytics just in time for the American Thoracic Society (ATS) Annual Meeting in San Diego.

CHEST is an 83-year-old association headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, with more than 19,000 members representing over 100 countries. The association’s mission is to advance patient outcomes in chest medicine through innovative education, clinical research, and team‑based care. The key word here is “innovative.”

When we met with CHEST in February, we learned about the rapid progress they had been making in their Research and Analytics division, which was developing a broad spectrum of assets, including: a series of white papers on state-of-the-art clinical perspectives; topical surveys of their members; ethnography studies; a powerful dashboard for accessing proprietary data on CHEST physicians; advanced analytics; customized research; and in-depth visitor data from the annual CHEST conference.

Innovative assets like these would be especially valuable to industry partners such as pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, which could optimize their R&D and communications efforts by utilizing insights from the real-world experiences of leading chest physicians—a win-win for all of chest medicine.

In preparation for a public rollout of these offerings, CHEST asked Jell to help them develop a go-to-market strategy, including collateral and copy for their website. This engagement was a perfect fit for us, given our experiences in health care, technology, analytics, and B2B marketing.

We began by defining our space in the marketplace, the subsector in which we were competing. Since this was a nascent area with only a few indirect competitors, we defined the service space as “health-care intelligence,” emphasizing the strategic value of these offerings.

CHEST’s wide array of options was both a strength and a challenge. We needed to develop a brand architecture that was both memorable and easily navigated. Collaborating with the marketing and R&A teams at CHEST, we focused on simplifying the naming system and creating a clear, concise language to describe services. We reorganized the offerings into four easy-to-recall service lines—Data Lab, Deep Dives, View Points, and Booth IQ—each including its own subservices.

We also wanted to celebrate the association’s uniquely authoritative position in terms of subject matter expertise and thought leadership and to underscore the game-changing value of these assets for industry partners. As one short version of our pitch says: “CHEST Analytics is a multi-faceted health-care intelligence service. Our innovative service lines provide access to more than 30,000 professionals in chest medicine that you won’t find anywhere else. What strategic problems can we help you solve?”


The launch of CHEST Analytics was a success. We can now announce the conclusion of our second engagement with CHEST, the rebranding and rollout of CHEST Immersion. Read all about it.