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Posted October 8, 2018

Branding and marketing continuous learning services for sales and marketing professionals

You might recall that we worked with CHEST (The American College of Chest Physicians) this past spring to help them launch a suite of data and research services geared to industry partners such as pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

We’ve now had the pleasure of collaborating with CHEST again. This time, we assisted with the branding and marketing of continuous learning services designed specifically for sales and marketing professionals.

CHEST has a long history of designing and hosting innovative, in-depth educational experiences, especially for clinicians. More recently, CHEST had been offering similar instructional experiences to professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. These experiences range from daylong sessions taught by expert physicians at CHEST headquarters to remote options like webinars, e-Learning, VR (virtual reality), games, cutting-edge simulations, and VPTs (virtual patient tours).

The array of options—not to mention the available combinations and customizations—is a major selling point, but could also be overwhelming if there wasn’t a clear brand architecture and naming system.

The first order of business was to develop a short, compelling name for the umbrella brand. We recommended “CHEST Immersion” to evoke the depth of each educational experience as well as the breadth of the learning modalities.

As with CHEST Analytics, we organized the myriad options into a few, easy-to-remember service lines: Forum (daylong experiences led by expert physicians); Learning Space (self-guided, online experiences); and Encounters (brief, in-person opportunities for discovery). We developed collateral and web copy for each service line to describe options within each category. While our primary goal was to develop a simple, standardized language, we also needed to communicate that the educators at CHEST were flexible and eager to tailor a transformative experience to fit the needs of any team.

Finally, our messaging acknowledged the foundation of this endeavor: the mutually beneficial relationships between physicians and the sales representatives who serve them. These educational opportunities provide industry representatives with knowledge they need—not only to grow in their own careers, but to better support clinicians. CHEST Immersion offers real-world clinical perspectives that help these representatives become better-informed and more trustworthy.

We enjoyed assisting in the development of a brand that’s so innovative and benefits so many people. In this case, the ultimate beneficiaries are the patients of doctors who are supported by more knowledgeable partners.